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June 05, 2007



haha... i love that song


She is so "f*cking precious," and yeah, she's a "muthaf*cking princess!" It is a great song. Period. And I'm 31 years old. Don't care. Great song.


It rockzzzz!
superb song!

Irish fan

Yeah, love this song...and I'm in my 50s. Left everything else in the shade this summer re: chart music anyway.


ya its cool... but it gets boring after awhile.


Really sucks. Painful to listen to. What the hell happened to Avril?


i luv dat song!!! i listen 2 it ALL the time! i learned the words like 3 days after i listened 2 it! luv da song!!!


Haha. After I told my mom I had sort of liked this guy for a while but then gave up on it after I heard that another girl liked him too, she said "Jordyn! Have you NOT heard that song?" We'd just been listening to it in the car. So, yeah, everyone loves that song.

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