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May 09, 2006



great looking site...
and about books!!!
i'll definately be back!

Lisa Craven

I keep trying to sign up to be a B-lister, but get server error messages!!! Would love to try and win Janet's books, but don't want to disqualify myself. Anyway, this site is great and I love your selection of authors.

robert eggleton


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Lynn Voedisch

Is it possible for you to include my recently published book, "Excited Light"? It hit #515 on the ranking on Jan. 4, due to a marketing blitz on my part. I hate to be pushy or obnoxious, but if you could mention my book on you site, I'd be really gleeful.
Visit my Web site for more.


Yeah, this is an aweeesome site! It's really cool, and your authors are ah-mazing! Exspecialy Lisi Harrison. She's my favourite author. I have a comment, for kids over age 12, who have read the Clique Series, Goosip Girl should be the next you read! They're greeeat books! I heart them both. :)

Lauren (Infinate XoXo)

Richard Hill

Hi Dj,

Great site you have here, really informative and more engaging than most book blogs. As I am resident in the UK I was wondering if you knew of any good book blogs/sites/groups based in the UK?




Hello everyone, this is a really great site. I just would like to tell Lisi Harrison (if she even gets on this site lol) that her books are ah-mazing and I soo heart them! I also think for the big movie producers that think they want to produce a clique movie that I really think that there should be auditions for the movie in some small towns. Like American Idol, auditons are usually in like Hollywood, San Antonio, New York, etc. but for the undiscovered actresses (and actors) they just hope they can afford enough gas to drive to a big city. I think that I know alot of people in my town that are people who could really take being in amovie seriously and have fun with it too. So please have tons of auditions and come to small towns like the one I live in (not saying online) and PLEASE MAKE OUR FAVORITE BOOK SERIES A MOVIE!!

unkown ladie

omg i <3 the clique series!! Lisi harrison iz by far my fav. author. i am so excited 4 the clique movie!(note 2 producers:MAKE OPEN CASTING CALLS)just like in Dail Lfor loser they should have nobodys in the movie.
1. becuase if u put big named actresses in the movie they will probaley compare the actresses character (ex.massie) and compare the character to other characters that actress has played in other movies. kinda like eurkle the guy from family matters(the geeky guy) he couild be in so many other moies but everyone would agnowled him as eurkle the geek not james bond or ricky bobby(just movie examples he waz not really in those movies)catch my drift? so there must be open casting calls for the future of th clique, u must have open auditions.!!


This is a greatt website!! i totally heart all of the books yuo like unknown ladie said there should be a auditions in many locations... Lisi i would love to be in your movie!!!!!!!!!!


The Queen Bee

O-M-G. The clique isn't that amazing. It's actually the same story line over and over... the fake stupid girls (that in real life would not be popular at all) go through a 'challenge' and end up solving it in the end but a 'twist' messes everything up. And in the first 15 pages of the next book, all is good. Repeat.

Might I add, in real life Massie Block would be slapped in the face and laughed at. Her comebacks are shit! If somebody used a "are you a _____" line on me, what would she do if I responded with "yes, actually. and I know I should say yes because your only insults are these crappy lines" or I could just say "Bitch, are you in preschool?". They aren't fashionable, their metaphors are skin deep, and their characters are so stupid its laughable. Lisi is a horrible author. Has anyone noticed that Dylan and Kristen are just kind of there? Dylan is weight issues and thats it. Kristen is poor and everything negative happens to her and thats it. Alicia just talks about boys or boobs. And Clair just bites her nails. I already went over how stupid the Massie character is but whatever. Its good to know so many mindless freaks are on this site, what a great rep. I'm sure you all have.


OMG i luv u Sydney-Kate♥...i totally agree w/ u. although it would be fun to play a part like in a movie...


agreed with Kelly, unkown ladie, and Caroline. ID LOVE 2 audition and in that 1 in a katrillion chance be in it!! =]



Hey "Queen Bee", you're NOT a queen bee and the Clique Books rock so shut your trap and watch your language!


i agree w/ the QB on one thing...the characters reall aren't all that fashionable. I mean a Catsuit? If you saw someone in a catsuit on the street you would probably be like OMG!!!!


I must admit fashion is my absolute passion. But being fashionable isnt always necessaraly about wearing what you see in a magazine. Its about wearing what you find interesting and making it you. So yes a catsuit is slightly strange but that doesnt mean theyre not in style. They're just confidant in what they wear. I love the clique and if anyone finds out any more informantion about the movie auditions PLEASEEEEE share. I read about the contest but unfortunatly i couldnt play the part of massie or claire. I am tan with dark hair and neither character fits my description. so if you have more info about auditions please let me know asap!


Oooh! That sounds fantabulous. I'm definitely signing up.




They are having CLOSED auditions for REAL actors because they want the movies to turn out good. I think actors who have been working so hard should get the roles, not famous and not random people who "want to audition" and walk off the street.


i think not famous people should get the roles so they can be discovered because my friend is an awesome actress and she should get the role!!!!!!!!!!

i heart the clique

I really love the clique books but I would have to agree with Queen B that Kristen and Dylan like never do anything. I think Lisi Harrison should write a book from Kristen or Dylan's point of views. Apparently the next book, "Bratfest at Tiffany's" is supposed to be from Alicia's point of view.


Ummm.....technically there all from third person not first. But w/e. And queen bee, u obviosly don't know anything, and think that we care about wat u say. Just to clue u in...we don't.

Greg the '' Dude

Quiet sensational website and i will definitely come back for more.

Nicholas Sparks is ma fav.

Ed -

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