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August 02, 2006



Lisi if you do have auditions for the clique books i will be a perfect for either Massie or Claire i have blonde hair and green eyes but they change with what ever color i am wearing
i luv the click


Send me an email when you know when the auditions for the Clique movie. I would love to try out for it.


my email is


Oh. My. God. Your books are amazing! i've probably read each of them, like, 3 times already! I read "Best Friends For Never" in 2 hours! Goes to show how much i'm into cannot stop writing these amazing series! People will go nuts, trust me. oh yeah, when will the auditions for your movie start? By the way, how old do you have to be?!? I'm only 12, but I'm a huge fan of AnnaSophia Robb. I want to be just like her!



Hey again,
I've just read some other comments, and to tell you, i look exactly like Claire, and act like, well every gurl in the book! Like Dyaln, i'm slim, and i watch big time about what i eat, and my friends say im obbssed with my weight. What can i say? Looks count. Like Alica, i have pride in the way i look. I dress with regualr clothes, not designer, though not Wal-mart. Like Massie, I'm assertive and i usually like to be the leader. Though unlike her, i'm calm and less confident... And last but not least, Claire. She's my favourite. She's sweet and kind, but has a very striking attitude. When people try to peer pressure me, or try to embarrass me or anything like that, i have a strong urge to backfire. Nothing physical, but i'll think of excuses and what not. I'm fairly funny, and i love to sing and act...



Can you e-mail me telling me when the auditions for Toronto is?? My e-mail, (yes i know, very dorky) is

Please e-mail me giving information for the auditions!!


Well, e-mail all of us. You probably don't have enough time, but i'll be checking my in-box everyday just on case!

P.s. Your probabyly getting tired of me...right?


Oh yeah, i forgot about Kristen...
I'm really sporty, yet not like a boy. I heart soccer, and i luh-ove summercamp. Ever heard of Kandalore?

love these books

omg these books are amazing! i just finished reading its not easy being mean the 7th one and it was just as good as the others. like when i read the other clique books it only took me about 2 hours because i get so into them i cant stop reading! can anyone tell me how to contact lisi harrison..i mean like her e-mail address?????!!!

love these books

can anybody tell me lisi harrison's e-mail address??well incase u are reading this lisi can u please tell me about the auditions for a clique book!!! because idk who i could be but i really would like to be in it!!! well can anyone tell me a physical desciption of massie and kristen because i forgot :)...thank you!!


Dear Lisi,
OMG! What can I say? I LOVE your books! I have read each one and just finished Dial L for Loser like a half hour ago! I CAN'T wait to read the 8th one and definitely am looking forward to the storyline and all of that. I don't think that people really get that The Clique is supposed to be MEAN girls. Lisi is not encouraging us to be like Massie or any of them and when you say 'I'm like Massie' or anything you're basically saying flat out you're mean! I like Claire the best, especially since in the 7th book she is way cool! I want her outfit when she is wearing the gold shorts out with Abby and Conner <3! Well, I heard a movie is coming out and I definitely will see it if it does. I'm not one of those girls who is a wannabe clique actress for it, but I want to let you know that I am encouraging the production of these movies! Thanks so much Lisi for writing these great books that have come such a huge part of my life; reading them each night, laughing at the jokes they crack, envying their wardrobe! You're the best!
I heart you; you're AH-SOME!


Okay, I love Massie and claire the best but since i have dark skin, I would LOOOVE to play Alicia. I have been waiting for this break for ever. please contact me at I am really excited! I would make an awesome Alicia!!


I love the clique books!!! They are so Ah-mazing. I read like all of them in one week. My favorite character is massie. I am so glad she is with derrington :] Is it true that there is going to be a movie of the clique??? Did its not easy being mean come out already because Lauren said she just finished reading it?? Lisi Harrison is a great writer. The clique is so funny and interesting. I heart it<3



Sweet Samantha


Lisi e-mail is if uyou were wndering! I look like a TOTAL Dylan! I have the red hair and LOVE fashion! lol! Anyway post it on your website where the auditions are PLEASE!!!!

Luv ya

<3 Samantha


boooo. you all smell like my toes

Dylan Marvil

Ehmagawd, I can nawt believe you LBRs. You will NEVER be like us, so just stop tuh-rying. I know we're ahb-solutely ah-mazing, but you are all just EWs. Get a life.


boo, you whores, read something that actually makes sense.

cough lisi is a lowlife cough.

Kristen Gregory

Way to tuh-ell it like it is, Dylan. You LBRs can just buh-y all the knock-offs you want but you'll NEVER be in the Pretty Committee (you'll just be ah-nother Faux-livia, like we need more of those around *eyeroll*). Like go hang out with Layne and all the other wannabees like you.


hey everyone!
i just found this site today..hoping to find her fan mail address!
i cant think of one person who wouldnt want to be in this movie!
everyone up their is listing their qualities and asking where the auditions are held..
(of course i would like to kno to!)
West Michigan..isnt really flooding..with celebrities lets say..
but acting is still just as fun! maybe my last role was an oompa loompa (lol) but i still had fun doing it!
I would be just as happy being a backround person or the lead. It all just depends if you wanna have FUN with it. Alot of people cry when they dont get parts, but that obviously just means that it wasnt meant to be! God didn't want that, right? I never have been farther inthe world then KENTUCKY and my first pair of American eagle jeans were from TJ Max! i hang with the "popular people" i suppose..i just have alot of friends! Acting is a passion, that pretty much everyone in the world has! who wouldnt want to step into someone else's shoes?!
I kno all these people would want to do this movie for FREE! But sometimes you just have to stick with school plays and community plays, cause acting is matter what role you are!

- Jamie!

P.S. Lisi Harrison is the best author EVER!!


I agree Jamie. Acting is for fun. You cant just look the part(I know u didnt say that exactally but i thought i would add that in =) ). but so many talentless people will audition for this movie that it wont really be so hard to narrow it down to the real stars. Not sayin that i am 1.=)

P.S. Lisi Harrison rox!!!


this book was great...
the new clique book is out!
it came out early in some stores and I managed to get a copy...
get it! it's soooooo good!


Hi Lisi, I am fourteen years old and adore your books. You know how to tell it like it is. I was really wanting to know when and where the auditions for the Clique movie are going to be because I will most definiely be there, even if it are out of state. I love to act and would like to audition for the role of Claire or Massie and if you have any informatiion please email me at I can't wait to audition so if you could let me know as soon as possible that would be wonderful. You are a great author and I would love the chance to get to portray one of your characters, thank you so much, DeAnn


hey girls ok i need some help with cam and clarie are they going out or what


please make a movie of all of the clique novels!!! i a am ,not to brag, but an awesome actress. i have benn in an acting class and a magizene. yo have to audition to be in the class and they all loved me!!! please mail me ay


ok here is my opinion
massie-victoria justice
Alicia-Alexa vega
Dylan-Hayden panittere
Kristen-Allison Stoner
Claire-Annasophia Rob
Olivia-Emma watson
Strawberry-Amy brukner
Kori-kay panibaker
Derrington-jason earls
cam-josh hutcherson
josh-jason dolly
todd-cole sprouse
kendra-emily procter

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