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September 08, 2006



Stephanie Meyer's books were recommended to me and were unlike anything I have ever read. Her work is captivating, emotional, and simply lovely writing. Despite the YA nomiker, Twilight is a book full of very adult emotions, tension, and relationships. While New Moon is more YA oriented, it is still a great read for both teens and adults. The stories mix tradition, pop culture, and teen angst in a way that makes you remember high school as a time of both good times and bad, but ultimately real. The characters are people you either know or want to meet, and always seem sincere. Spun with themes found in the likes of Shakespeare, Austen, and Bronte, as well as Stoker and Rice, this is a new and unique form of vampire fiction which blends Victorian-era literature into today's cultural tapestry. My friend and I have been recommending Stephanie's books to everyone we know (making over fifteen of us in their 20s and 30s) and everyone loves the Twilight Series. It has been some time since I read a book where the characters were so clear - so real - that they captured my thoughts and imagination in this way. I am so happy to have read these books and will continue to preach their praises. It may seem silly to some, but we like these books enough that we are thinking of starting our own club...if the teens can do it, why can't we? More than anything else, I have said, this should tell you just how good these books are.


Omg! I loved the book Twilight! I SOOOOOO want to read New Moon.....I SOOOO can't wait.....I'm going to ask my libaray to purchise it, so I can read it!....Ahhhhh!!!.....hehe Okay, i sound crazy right now but you know? What can i say I LOVED THIS BOOK! -- Heather*Ann


Twilight was absolutely amazing. I am in love with Edward, and envy his and Bella's great love. New Moon was also absolutely amazing, but would have been much better if Edward had been in it more.


OOOOH~!!! TWILIGHT is the BEST!! and NEW MOON is soooo good!!


i just finished twilight before christmas and i loved it so much that i read for like 3 hours everyday and i like never do that though becasue im always busy but ohhhh my gosh its the best book i've ever read and just my type i love scary books tons, its the only thing i read and i cant wait until new moon comes in the mail. keep it up!!!!!


This has to be my favorite book ever! Soon as I got the first book, I couldn't even put it down and New Moon was just as good (maybe better), I felt so bad for Jacob though... But I can't wait until the third book!!!!!!!!!

Sophie Brotherton

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight was the most captivating book that I have ever read. I was quite impressed that while is still being a teen book it was exceptionally well written! This book could possibly be one of my favorites! The sequel New Moon was sooooooo good also and I can't waite for the sequels Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun (it is Twilight from Edward's perspective!) One of the best things about this book is that is appeales to all sorts of readers! I would recomend it to any one.


Everyone in my school loves her books! They are absolutly amazing!


I absolutly love her books. I loved them so much it took me less than 24 hours Twilight and about the same for New

midnightsun ;)

I cannot tell people how MUCH I loved this book. It is among one of my TOP 10 books. (Believe me, they have to be REALLY good to be on my top 10)

Although this book was good, I couldn't help but wonder what Forever Dawn was like.

I TRULY hope that Meyer decides to publish Forever Dawn.

Can't wait until October!!!

Eclipse comes out (third book)


I've read both in 2 days! I have to say, I didn't get much sleep. I just simply LOVE the romance and all those twists and turns that make it unexpecting. I must get the newest book the second it comes out :-)! I've read many, many, MANY books, but I must say these two take the #1 spot (they have to share because I can't decide which I loved more)
Can't wait till October!


I read new moon and loved it.Even though I felt bella was to dramatic and could of tried to save some dignity it was still great, i hope stephine learned her lesson by making her female character to dependent on a male and makes bella stronger.


OMG ilove both of these books i cant wait untill the 3rd comes out. it is killing me. all three of my friends have been so ancious.


These books are the best novels I've read in quite a while. They have the right blend of mystery, romance, humor, and horror. Eclispe and Midnight Sun (when/if it comes out) are on my top list of books to buy.
And Edward is so perfect... *sigh*
Why can't there be any Cullens at my school?


OMG OMG I LOVE Twilight and Newmoon I can't wait untill the new one comes out in...august? yeah august. just in time for my b-day!!!!!!! yeah...Edward is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOt!!!!! (IN MY MIND) sry caps lock!


I absolutely loved Twilight and New Moon and can't wait till Eclipse comes out. It's to long to wait. I hope Stephenie Meyer continues writing about Edward and Bella. I can't wait to find out what happens.Does anybody know her address? email me at [email protected]


does anyone know Stephenie's email? I'd really like to know! post it soon, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read Twilight in a day... I just couldn't put it down! Thanks!!!!!


I really want to know stephenie meyer's e-mail adress! If anybody knows it, PLEASE send it to me!!!


stephenie meyer is the best.twilight and new mon just rock.I cant wait to read eclipse.Edward and bella are my romeo and juliet.thanks for a great,mindblowing,amazing,fantastic,thriling book, STEPHENIE.You r the best!!!


um..thes books twilight and new moon where outstanding but it keep me guessing!i love books such as stehanie!when iwas reading twilight i never put it down i finished it in 35 hours and new moon i read it so much i let dinner burn then my uncle took it away then i got it back a week later and i stayed in my room locked the door and read it i never took my eyes off of it i missed my tennis practice my coach was so mad anyways if anyone knows mrs.meyers email,email me at [email protected] i CANT wait till eclipse and i hope mrs.meyer doesntstop there!!!!!!!!!!!!cause i spent lots of money to by those books and i want all of them


Twilight and New Moon were by far the greatest books I have ever read...I don't think I will find anything like it.I couldn't help but fall in love with Edward Cullen,and waiting for Eclipse is like waiting a lifetime without someone you love...which seems odd but I crave those books!!!Stephenie Meyer you are an amazing writer!




omg i loved eclipse i finished it in a day and a half i really need to read the 4th book now its driving me crazy i love stephenie meyers twilight books sooooo much
i never used to like to reaad but ever since i read twilight it has inspired me to read more
and edward is sooooooo hott and he is exactly the typ of guy ive been looking for but no one is as perfect as him


i wish edward was MINE!!!!!! or at least jake lol


i am a big fan and i would really like to know if stephenie meyer is going to write a sequel to the book eclipse

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