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September 08, 2006



I have reed Twilight, couse it's the only book wich is transilatet into my language.. Well, I think it's the only one, but.. I am soo in love with it, I have reed it twise in 1 1/2 year! I don't really know if that is much, but for me it is:P whatever:P I can't put it down for a minute, even a second, when i first start!! But if I have to put it down, it's the only thing on my mind.. I am waiting for the other ones in the series. And maybe a film to? well, I just want t say Hi! to all you other people who really loves this book! Thenk you Stephanie Meyer for making you're fantasies a book serie!! :) S M I L E :)


OMG I LOVE TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, AND ECLIPSE! they are soo good. im totally in love with Edward. Breaking Dawn is coming out next fall and Midnight Sun is coming out i hope soon! Midnight Sun is Edward's version of Twilight! OMGGGGG. lol ilovetwilightseries. =O


OK, Ive read the series so far, one of the best Ive ever read and I read a lot!! I have to say I love Jacob's character, I was sooooo hoping Bella would pick Jacob over Edward... Oh well, still one more coming out right (and hopefully more) I hope Jacobs in that one too!!

I too LOVED this book, and EDWARD, love him, so much, my true love!
These books were the best I have ever read, they drawed me in and wouldt let me go, my mind cant stop thinking about *EDWARD*
Lucky Bella, why cant I have Edward, he will be mine, mark my words, "HE will be MINE!!!"
Anyway, Stephenie Meyer is the most amazing, and captivating author of our time, I LOVE both Twilight, and New moon, though do not make me choose between the two.
I believe everyone should read this book, a mix between love, drama, (if thats even the right word, I dont believe it is)and fear, of losing one another, I am stuned at Edward, and Bellas love for one another, but remember...


like I said, I love Edward, of corse I do, what kind of idiot do you take me for? I am, I am an idiot that loves edward! who dont LOVE *EDWARD*? Like I said, HE is MINE,

But him and Bella make such a good couple, I can still claim him!!!

damaged roses

well maybe you should get more informatio about forever dawn because it will be very popular because EVERYONE will be interested in what happens in that book!!!!
im curious. you should try and get the first chapter at least!!!!!


Justin Chatwin look for him he sshould be edward
go to this


I’m crazy over Eclipse. Being a fan of vampire books, never have I read a book that was so filled with passion excitement and intrigue. As handsome and perfect as Edward sounds I was kinda hoping she would end up with Jake. Technically, Edward is the perfect predator, as in love as bella may think she is it makes me wonder if it because he’s supposed to be irresistible to her, after all that’s how vampires lure in their prey. He just happens to be a vegetarian. But really it absolutely broke my heart when Jacob ran away. I cried like that baby. Can’t wait for the next book.

Rosa Dumeig

Miss Stephenie Meyer you have been a great influence on me. I reaally love your books they are really fun to read. Ilove how you describe the character then I start imagining about them and I start making my own storys.
P.S I hope Edwaed stays with Bell and you known the name Isabella is a spanish name.


I love your books I seriously cried that your new book isn't coming out until next fall I finished your books in like 2 days


Your books are soooooooooo awsome but what the hell were you thinking for the characters that play Edward and Bella!!!!!!!!


well, i love the books so much you do not know! and i think eliijah wood should play edward because he is gorgeous and i think emily browning should play bella because she is gorgeous too!


OMG Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse were the best books ever in history of my life... I couldnt put the books down.. i am totally in love with Edward, an Bella could be the luckiest person ever... There so should be a movie of this i would buy and watch it over and over again..


Does anyone know Stephanies address? I lost it. :(


in the last book eclipse who does she go of with in the end edward or jacob???...ii loveed reading all 3 books..what is stephenie'z email???


ii cnt w8 until u write the next book

Stephenie Meyer

Hey all you fans! I love hearing all your wonderful comments about my books and I wish I could give you all my email address but it would go all around the internet and then I would have to make a new one all over again. I love all of you and, as I said in eclipse I love all your support and I wish I could give all of you a great big hug and a porcse 911 turbo. Once again I love all you guys!

~Stephenie love ya' all

Stephenie Meyer

Oh yeah, to answer Elizabeth's question, Bella goes off with Edward in the end and he changes her, thats why Jacob gets the note in his invitation.

tasha t

do you do the SASE for bookplates or markers?
i have all 4 books, the twilght series and prom fromhell

(my mom email addy if you do and let me know ) gosh i love your books

alicia sister had to read twilight in class as a senior and told me it was good. i decided to read it with no hurry since im not much of a reader anyways...

i finished it in 3 days. the way she set up the characters really made me wish that they were real, a perfect vampire, i wish it were. it has me obsessed. im begging for new moon and will hopefully get it tomorrow. yay =)

however its kinda been ruined by a lot of people already. =(

i wish so badly to email stephenie and tell her she is absolutley genius and when there are no more of this series i will be crushed and most likely reread it over and over till i DIE. BEST BOOKS ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET AND MARS.


hey im not sure if you can make the disions of the music for the twilight movie, but i really think that the song "Set the fire to the third bar" by Snow Patrol, would be an absolutely perfect song for when edward leaves bella in new moon. thanks :)


The second i started reading twilight i fell in love with it. it is by far the best book i have ever read! But New Moon that book drove me up a wall!!!! I couldnt stand the fact that edward left her. When he said those words i started crying like bella did in eclipse. I was flipping through the pages and marking them when edward spoke because i was so eager to hear his voice in my head when i read what he was saying! Eclipse now that was the BEST book i have ever read out of the library i have read that was by far the best! I was soooo sad when Jacob left at the end of the book. I almost started to cry again! I was soo angry at stephenie for ending the book like that because it left me wanting so much more! I really cant wait for Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn! I really hope she publishes Forever Dawn!

Stephenie Meyer

I love hearing all your comments and I'm sorry Tasha T. but I can't give you my email address. I wish I could though! I'm really working hard on breaking dawn, forever dawn and Midnight sun and I hope to have Breaking Dawn out in the fall. I will reccomened the song Set the fire to the third bar to our director,charley. love all you guys's comments ( i know that that is bad grammer)

tasha t

do you do the promno goodies for your books????
from your publisher? or whoever like that?


i love how you make it have , stuff like morals and waiting till marriage, but FUN , i truly loved the series, and am dyign wanting to read another,
i would love to see a series on the werewolve , jake and sam , quil and them all , i was really hoping for a werewolf/ vampire getting otgether LOL though not to be

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