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September 08, 2006



okay, so I know I'm going to sound like all the other teenage girls out there right now, but I swear when I read these books it's like you're watching my life...everything's a real eerie parallel (obviously I am not in love with a vampire haha) but there's so much-not just searching for details, but everything...from her dad's opinion, to Edward's family, to the hard differences between them, even Jake...I mean, I could go into detail but no one wants that haha :P I just feel like you get something I can't explain to people...even though I'm a complete stranger, I can find this strange connection in your books...I'm an avid reader, I try to read at least 5 books a week (usually 1000 pages) and YES I do have a life haha, because there's some strange understanding in reading, but I've never felt that drive I get when I read this series. I even picked up each book at just the right time in my life. I just wanted you to know that for me your books were something more than entertainment, but a real feeling of solidarity. So...thanks haha. Sorry for the lengthy post, I just really appreciate your novels, and they really are more than just books for me (which probably sounds creepy coming from a sorry if this is a lil much on the drooly fan side of the line haha) and...p.s. I'm a skeptic, so I feel really lame if you're not really stephenie...though I'm pretty sure it'd be illegal if you weren't and you were posting on this site as her and...kay. now I just made an ABSOLUTE fool of myself haha. sorry! and...thanks again for your amazing books...just a side note, it's also a touch inspiring that you're Mormon...I mean, that has a lot to do with the more difficult side of the relationship I'm in, and maybe that's why I feel like you I feel like a babbling stalker I'm so sorry! haha...okay, I swear, I'm really and truly done this time...(except for this moment, where I snatch the trophy for longest post, and accept the annoyance of random people for eating up so much space...sorry for that too...haha) <3


Ms.Stephene,my daughter gave me your book twilightto read because I was out of reading material, after reading your book I was hooked I went out bought the other two book, finished reading them in three days. now I'm 43 I don;t read books like yours, but I fell in love each page had me wanting to go to the back just to hurry to find out what happens(but I didn't). I don't read books with sequals, but twilght left me wanting more, I fell in love with Edward and bella felt sorry for Jacob then got mad at Bella and Jacob. twilight had me wishing I could find a love like Edward.
After I'm done reading a book,I forget about it and go to the next, but Twilight is staying with me it's one book I can't stop thinking about.
Tell me there is a fourth book, tell me Bella does marry Edward and lives happy, that Jacob gets on with his life, Please someone tell me when there will be another book anticapation is killing me.I know this book is mostly for teenagers, but nothing saids us grown ups can't also fall in love with Edward

Roxanne A.K.A. AMANDA

TO MY EYES.TEXT ME.............

Roxanne A.K.A. AMANDA



Meli Romero

OMG! Her whole twilight series will ALWAYS..i mean ALWAYS be my favorite. Im so in love with it that i have read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse about 3 times each! I cant wait for Breaking dawn, or her new book called The Host! And better yet, THE MOVIE!!! *faints* They are sooooooo good. NO ONE will ever top her. I LOVE HER AND HER BOOKS SO MUCH! Shes my hero! I love you Stephenie Meyer!!! I recomned this book to ANYONE and i know they will love it!

Meli Romero

oh, and Edward is mine!!!!!!

Meli Romero



Raider Gurl

I have read all the books and couldn't put the book down.I really like them and hope you make more books and I really like Edward I hope to find someone like him and the name.I have read ones with faeries,ghosts, and werewolves fell for mortals.I really love how Edward fell in love with bella but I hope I can find one like him.I am ur biggest fan and can't wait to see the movie.I'm writing a book myself but i'm only 13 and wanting to write a book with a guy named Edward.I hope to be like you and I live in Farminton too almost to Arizona. I can';t wait to read your other books.

Alice the frenchie

Hello !
I'm a french fan of Stephenie's books.
When I read Twilight, I'd move to Forks, and I was Bella. Like others readers, I fall in love with Edward. This is my favorite book. I don't read neither New Moon nor Eclipse and I'm really addicted now, I can't wait !!!
But, this morning, i'd an idea : I'll write the sequel of twilight, as I imagine it.
And, I would post it to Stephenie Meyer.
Is someone has her adress ??
(Sorry for the spelling's errors ^^)

Raider Gurl

I really like the books and I hope that you email me back on this

Traci Owen

Hey I am an aspirering writer, and I would love to talk to Stephenie Meyer about how she got started. If there is any way I could get her email, or her publishers info. That would be absolutely wonderful.

Chelsea S

omg i loved the first two books (Twilight & new moon) i read new moon in one day and twilight in 2 my mom who works in the morning noticed my light on so she came to check on me and i was still reading new moon at 5:36 AM.i tried to fall asleep numerous of times but i was
unable to wait till morning to find out how the book ends the sec my father comes home i am goign to boarders to get the 3rd book Eclipse Cant w8


I fell in love with twilight INSTANTLY! It left me with my mouth wide open! I think Stephanie Meyer is a BRILLIANT author! I love her and would LOVE to meet her! I just think she as written the best books i have come across yet!

Raider Gurl

I love Edward Cullen he is mine!!!!!


Wooooow Edward Cullen is sooooooo hot (in my mind)
Please tell me if there is going to be a sequel to eclipse!!! I luv edward (just sayin!)


omg i luved it i reeli missed edward in new moon he gave the book such tensions and grace i hope they do get married ime fairly new to the series as i iv in the uk and its not very well known i read twilight,new moon then eclipse in 3 nights nt sleepin vry much i jst cud'nt


i also wanted to add did yhu n stephanie meyer is writghing out the story againg but in edwards point of view if yhu go on her website she gives yhu the first chapter its amazing i cant wait . do any of yhu no if the film is comin to th uk is so email me Joycexx ty


Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved Twilight and New Moon. I'm going to get Eclipse tomorrow at the library and I simply can't wait to bury my nose in it! I fell instantly in love with all the characters [especially Edward ;)] Truly a remarkable series, Stephenie is one of the best writers ever in my book!


ACH. The books are so good, I dont know why Stephenie doesnt have an email adress she can give to us.

i cant wait for the twilight movie, i hope it isnt as depressing as the books.


Does anybody know stephanie meyers real e-mail adress? Please please e-mail me at if you know it! And if theres anyother way to contact her; Myspace, Facebook, etc. Please let me know!

ginny h

Hi Stephenie Meyer,

I nearly missed out on your books!!
Glanced over it so many times, but could not get any as they were sold out.

So I told Hubby to get me your books for my birthday this year in August. He got ALL 4 of them. AM I glad he did, coz I wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink knowing there is ANOTHER book out there and NOT in my hands.. :D

I must an early 30s young mum, it drifted me back to the days of when love was young...and how LOVE is suppose to BE. It actually reminded me again,what true love means.

thank you for writing. thank you for existing. thank you for your efforts. thank you for giving me the chance to 'know' love again.

on another note: yeah...i want edward too !! LOL.

are you going to write more?

Are you going to continue with the family, from having the child? Or are you going to branch off into another series, probably starting from the child?
Or are you going to get Bella and Edward to eventually adopt, er... Nahuel? ok ok, i better shut up now.

I just read that you could be bringing out 'forever dawn'. Can't wait Will be lookng out for it.

Meanwhile, good health and happiness to you and all you hold dear.

Merry Christmas.

ginny h

oh, can i add. I really love the way you write esp the intimate parts, the closeness, the intense relationships between everyone involved. It left me breathless that i can't put the books down. In total, i read all 4 books within a week, only putting them down coz I had mummy duties to do..

Now, i am finding i can't continue with life, coz there's NO MORE stephane twilight series....! I feel suddenly empty! Am I missing something? or am i suffering from something? someone tell me. its like reading it from book to book, daily has made the twilight series part of my daily life. NOW, there's none i feel really empty, i'm finding myself having to return to reread some favourite parts again. *sigh*....

can't wait for the movie.


stephanie é uma deusa da literatura cada vez ela me surpreende mais.sou uma enloquecida fã sua.stephanie obrigado por vc existir!e estou esperando por outra de suas historias fascinante!


i am a big fan and i would really like to know if stephenie meyer is going to write a sequel to the book eclipse

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Awesome, I was actually referred to your article from a mate. She suggested it since we were having a chat about this subject the other night.

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