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January 22, 2007


Katie Alender

It does seem a little... dehumanizing, doesn't it?


couldn't agree more, Katie. and sort of weird, too...

Kelly Parra

So funny you should blog about this! Recently on her blog, Ally Carter gave a few reasons for the head chopped covers. :)


I was just about to launch in about this. I was at a bookstore yesterday and counted 6 chopped off heads in the YA display. My degree in women's studies switched into hyper-drive. It's kind of a classic porn stance. Completely dehumanizing... hmmm. Why don't they decapitate the boys? Have they done that yet?


While when you put a bunch of headcropped books together, it does make a bit of a disturbing image, I can totally understand why the heads are cropped. I don't think it's so much about removing the head as it is about removing the face - allowing the reader to construct an image of the main character in the head without any influence. By leaving the people on the cover faceless, you allow that. Sure, books with illustrated characters on the cover don't usually crop the heads, but I never found that influencing my vision of the character as I read. Books with photos of people on the cover look fresh and hip - granted, down the road, depending on the clothing, they will look dated - and they sell!

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