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May 22, 2007



I guess I have aged out of your blogging audience. I would not choose soccer as an extra curricular.


will they ever make a movie??


I don't know... but if they did make a movie here's how it should go..

Massie: Nicole Bristow
Claire: lily truscot
Alicia: Lola Martinez
Dylan: d/k
Kristen: d/k
Derrington: Cody Linley
Cam: Oliver Oaken
Conner Folley: Drake Bell

The Queen Bee

Thanks for pointing out how stupid these books are :)


Current State of the Union

In Out

The Outcasts The Clique
of 19 Schuyler Series

** or any
other good books.


what Margaret??


I have special connections & read Sealed with a Diss already! To be honest, this book sucked! Way, Way, Way too short. And ended with an huge cliffhanger... This book was so not what I expected it to be. Way worse!
Lisi Harrison is losing her touch as a writer.

I hear ya... What was it about?

The Queen Bee

Agreed, the first book was actually good. It captured the elements of bitchy girls and an innocent girl caught up in the mess. But they books just get tacky from there.


I liked The Clique & The Pretty Committee Strikes Back... other than that the rest are not very good.

The Queen Bee, are you going to read Sealed with a Diss when it comes out?


i think the books r great. why dont u ppl like the books??

I really love these books!

Hey, The Queen Bee... do NOT answer that question I asked you above!! I read your other posts on another page & you are a real b***h! Sorry but that's the truth!!! Someones a bit(I MEAN A LOT) ill-mannered!



i agree.. the first few were good but they got pretty stupid after that...
the plots are actually ridiculous and bad-quality..
i mean, what school reaaally has a "secret room" oh my ...
these books are so stupid now.. it makes me sad


hey, you girl with connections, any idea what the 9th book is about?


MASSIE BLOCK:alexa nikolass
DYLAN MARVIL:kay panabaker
ALICIA RIVERA:victoria justice
CLAIRE LYONS:emma roberts


ppl click my name thanx!! (its my audition video 4 claire.) thanx!!


Sealed with a diss is out. I hated it ! You know what happens? They turn into "LBRs" and Cam hates Claire. WTF happened to Lisi? Is she out of her mind?

Honestly, the only reason I still had hope in this book was Claire and Cam. They had such a good chemistry and I was hoping MORE of 'Sealed With a Diss' than this. I'm actually quite dissapointed.

I thought it would turn out at a cute story. This one definately turned tables.

I feel Lisi is loosing her patience ... The first book was great. Then they slowly became worse and worse, and I don't even want to buy the 8th book.


*correction: I don't even want to buy the 9th book.


I absolutly heart Lisi Harrison's Clique novels. I don't care what you guys say, because the books are amazing and they are something that teens can relate to. Almost every girl is reading those books in my school. I am almost done reading Sealed With A Diss, and looking foward to reading the next one! Some of you guys said that it sucked...personaly, i think her books are awesome. I can't wait to see the movie !


yes i do wanna see the clique,
it looks really good.
but honestly,
what happened when they made A Series Of Unfortunate Events?
it turned out to be totally different, and I'm still debatting if i like it or not.
Because of the movie, it ruined how i pictured everything..
and after the movies came out, i didnt have much interest in them.
so, i suggest not making one.. or if you do make one, make sure you try and match there characters up as much as possible.

Abbey *

clique-let #1

i cant wait 4 tha movie!!
well..kristen should defffnitely b played by emily osment no doubts! n victoria justice is a good match 4 alicia! emma roberts mayb 4 claire but...idk. kay panabaker does not suit dylan in any sorta way! well....



i love these books!! i still need to read the seventh book because i can never seem to find it anywhere! these books are fun books. they are interesting and funny. i'm not going to look to these girls as role models but i like the books.
these are great. i really want to see the movie


You dumb people. The books are GOOD!!!!Who ever review it is a idiot!!!


Lisi Harrison's books are so good words can't even discribe them. Her has inspire me in becoming in author.
The most exiting parts are aout Massie ,Derrington, Claire and Cam

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