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August 19, 2007



who cares if its straight to dvd? the books are popular enough that i could still become famous if i won the part. besides, who even cares if they get famous and rich and beautiful in the process? i just think acting in a movie would be soooo much fun.


Thank you. I was a tad bit nervous about it being direct to video...but atleast it's still coming out. I will play Layne!!!! I will.


ahgreed with u, dfdffdd!!
vote 4 me 2 play claire!! heres the link:
thanx everybody!! also plz if ur gonna vote 1, thats ok, just dont say that u voted a 10 when u voted a 1, cuz i wont b mad and vote u a 1 if u tell me, i will actually be happy that u were truthfull!! just give advice and what u REALLY voted. thanx a bunch!!


Rose^ I really like your video.
Ahhh I finally got my video up tonight, I had camera issues. but please look and comment/rate.


LUV ur video, madi!! gave u a 10!!


okay well me and my friends really want to be in the clique movies.
and we know its like 20 days late.
but we just realized that the last date was sept. 5
i'm very sorry.
we actually call ourselves the pretty comittie.
and we have sleep over's at my house.
me [allie] = massie block.
very much alike. gets what ever i want. and can have done what ever i need.
abby [alicia] = most prittest girl in the 7TH gardeee.
kinsley [dylann] with her spicy red hair. and her mom, the best woman on tv. amazing.
tori [claire] goes to orlando ALLLOT! acts just like claire. sweet kind. and a little shy.
alliah [layne] kinde harted. and just like lanye.
krysten [olivia] just like olivia. VERRY light headed.
we have alot of girls/guys who are LBR. all of our hottie guyys are just like the guys in the story.
so PLEASE give all of us a chance.
we know we can do it.

nicole b

umm... i wanna play layne in the clique,but how? i meen, at least being an extra would be awsome! but HOW and WHEN?!


this is so awesome I've read all of the books i luv them. the clique=gold. Lisi Harrison is an artist!!!


i cant beleive it i went to the site but it was to late and im twelve help!me!


I luv those books! Thanks 4 the news on the movie and the upcoming novels. I'm so glad the movie will go straight to DVD. I'm a huge fan of the books! Hopefully the movie and the future novels will be as satifying to all of us "fans....."


Has anyone auditioned 4 the CLIQUE movie? I wanted 2 but I missed the auditions!!!! so sad ;( I can't wait till the movie's released str8 on DVD. ALSO I got some major dish on Lisi's new project 4 the clique series called the Clique Summer Collection!!! (sounds interesting!) Plus, to learn more about it u can go on and get a short summary for all 5 books in the collection. The cover 4 Bratfest @ Tiffany's is wayyyyyyy cute and very stylish looking. U can get a preview on as well. Just c 4 urself

P.S. Anyone can reply 2 this message!!!!


1st, It doesn't matter if you missed the open auditions, you can get an agent and s/he will tell you where and when the final agent-scheduled auditions are. 2nd, why isn't the movie coming out in theatres? It would be a big hit 'cause EVERYONE LOVES THE CLIQUE! I am doing the agent thing so I can audition for Claire.


any good agents?


any good agents?


hey guys i luv the clique i can't wait until the movie comes out i wish i could be in it i would love to be massie,claire, or alicia they r all so cool and it would be fun playing a character that is mean. Lisi harrison is such a good writer and i hope her books keep on coming.

ah no

ummm....u all an actress...i should the superbowl and if u see a coke in it...with james karvell and bill friske


why don't you stop bragging??? why would you say that everyone sucked?


its mean to say people suck


its mean to say people suck

lizzy steward

hi ya i would love to play the part of clair she is just like me.also i have just started a new school and it is awful everybody hates me cos i'm new

clique-let #1

i luv tha clique books i just like ah-dore them!!!

P.S. my fav ppl r kristen n dylan


cant wait 4 the movie!!! it's going 2 be awsome!!! anyone know when it's coming out???


My name is Grace Gowdy and i am very much like massie block from the clique and i am very very talented in acting and would love to try out for the movies.. I have read every book and i no each character inside and out! Thanks for reading luv ur future MASSIE BLOCK!

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