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August 14, 2007



I think Zac Efron might do a good job as Edward, but he doesn't look anything like I would imagine I would vote no on that one.


Hmmm... I don't think Zac would make a good Edward. He just doesn't fit. I really liked him in High School Musical and Hairspray, but as Edward.... no.


I agree. I don't think he is right for the part.


I'm sorry, but there is no way in Forks (;]) that I think Zac Efron would make a good Edward.
He's cute and all but definately no Edward.


I don't know how the directors are ever going to be able to produce a movie that will be even CLOSE to the book. Zac Efron may be a better choice than other actors, but he won't be the perfect Edward. But then again, no one can really be the perfect Edward.

Actually, in my opinion, he does look a bit like how I would imagine Edward looks; the hair especially. If they work a bit on the colour and the style, we might just have ourselves an Edward! = D

As for the acting, I'm really not sure. He'd have to portray just the right image to be a good Edward,butI think it would be possible.

I know we're all really picky about whoever plays Edward since we've all got a different visual of him, but I think we should give Zac a chance.

Anyway, Eclipse is bound to be a terrific book and I can't wait to read it!

Thanks for the awesome site! =)


I actually just watched High School Musical, and I think Zac Efron would probably make the best Edward they can find. I'm sure if they change his look around a little bit and he adopts a more Edward-ish style, he would be able to play his character quite well!

I think it's all about technique, and with the correct atmosphere, and good picks for the rest of the cast, I think Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and all the other future books hopefully, can be made into brilliant films!



Ummm...I think Zac Efron is cute but not good looking enough and not a good enough actor to play Edward. I picture Edward to be more Italian and dark looking. In fact, now that I really think about it...Zac Efron might make a good Jacob instead!

Heather Brewer

I think any movie made from these books will pale in comparison to the books themselves. I'll still be first in line to see them, though. :)=


You guys want an essay? I'll give you an essay...or at least a super long rant. =P
I wish there was some way I could go back and delete my old comments, though, because otherwise, there are just so many from me! =O

Okay, so, Zac Efron, you say?
At first, I was thinking "No way! Absolutely NOT!" But then I decided to reconsider, and I thought he might just make it. You see, after watching High School Musical, I was convinced that he was a good actor and he might just be able to pull it off. His hair isn't bronze like Edward's, but they could work with that, and he doesn't look quite like Edward would, but then again, who looks even close to what Edward would look like? I figured they didn't have many other choices, and Zac's probably the better of them.

However, this feeling did not last too long, because then my thoughts started wandering, and I reread some favourite passages of the books. These passages, of course, included Edward. This led me to a conclusion: No matter how awesome an actor may be in every way possible, he could not possibly reach the perfection levels of the fictional character of Edward Cullen.

Now this caused me to come up with a bunch of other people who Zac Efron might just be able to play - I know someone mentioned Jacob, but personally, I don't think so. Jacob Black is described as much darker, almost russet coloured, than Zac. I actually think Zac might be able to do awesomely as Jasper! The look doesn't fit exactly, since I imagine Jasper to be a bit more brawny, but I'm sure they'll be able to fix it up somehow. I would even suggest him for James, but Miss Stephenie Meyer's preference for James (Cillian Murphy - Batman Begins, Red Eye!!) seems absolutely PERFECT. I mean, after the way he played his evil character in Red Eye, I have no doubt that he'd be absolutely amazing as James.

I was thinking maybe Zac would be good as Laurent, but he won't have much of a part, especially in Twilight.

That gives me yet another idea. Zac could play one of the Volutri vampires (especially Aro or Caius), or Demetri or Felix, the guards. I think he deserves some part in the movie, at least. But then again, this is only in New Moon, and they might just decide to cut it out of the movie. =(

Ah! I just came up with another best one so far (in my opinion, at least): how about Zac Efron as Mike Newton? He'd be plenty in the movie (at least Twilight) and I think he fits the part PERFECTLY. Now that I really think about it, I think he fits Mike's character and he looks pretty much as I would imagine Mike to look.

Though fair and unbiased as I must be, I'll give a few reasons as to why Zac would make a decent enough Edward Cullen:

- the hair (make it a bit messier, spiky-ish, colour it bronze)
- good acting (needs to be more graceful for Edward though)
- skin colour (still needs to go much paler, but close enough)
- probably can't find anyone much better

However, the one think I don't seem to be able to place is the VOICE. Edward has a very formal and olden-times style of speaking, and I just can't imagine Zac doing it. Edward's accent can even sound British-like (Ah! Can you imagine?), except for the fact that he's born and raised in the USA and even though it was the early 1900s, I think they had lost the accent by then. But still, by adding the accent,I think it'd add to the whole mystifying sense of him and make his speech more authentic.

Alright, I think this is a long enough "essay" (though I seriously wish I formatted it like a real one too, what with expository paragraphs and everything). I would just like to say that, in conclusion, I personally don't believe having Zac Efron play Edward would be the most horrible crime against literature (I think I've seen worse =\) and it may be a pretty cool idea, but obviously not the best. Maybe they shouldn't play him at all. Make him some blurred out ghostly figure. xDD Actually, NO! I'll stop before some director takes me seriously and does that. /That/ would be THE worst crime against literature in all of history.

Also, I love this series so MUCH, and I would love to read Eclipse! Thank You for the great site!


Thank you, Juwairia, for your well-argued, neatly typed essay. We give you an A for effort, enthusiasm, and all-around excellent taste in books and book sites!


ps...steph meyer fans--you have until September 1 to comment here and enter our random drawing for an audio version of Eclipse!


Zac is not a bad choice for Edward. Not a great choice, but not bad.


No way Zac as Edward. Zac is not mysterious enough


I love the twilight series I had not heard of them untill recently and i bought all 3 and read them in 4 days....I agree zac would be a better Mike Netwon with the boyish goodlooks... i dont see zac being compared or confused for a greek god


i would not like having Zac as edward he just isnt how i pictured edward.


Zac is definetly not edward! If zac was made edward i wouldn't go see the movie!! i was reading the comments and someone said that zac should be Mike Newton and i totally agree!!!! He would be perfect for the part!!! Just PERFECT!!


I would say not. Good looking guy, but I would expect someone taller and more serious/reserved--I'm not sure if he is up to the acting challenge quite yet.


Oh, ugh.


*unintelligible sounds*

Please, no.


I recently saw an actor Trent Ford and he was more like what I would expect Edward to look like, he even had the crooked smile (so cute)


Um.. ok Zac Efron as Edward? Bella's Edward? Uh no I think not, it's not just because I don't like him, it's because honestly he doesn't fit the perception of the character at all. Edward is completely different from Zac. Zac isn't Edward, and I can't see him as trying to be one either. You want an actor who can make you believe that they really are Edward and I just can't see Zac doing that. Don't get me wrong HSM and HSM2 are huge hits, and I'm sure that if he was cast in the role then he would draw alot of attention to the movie. But then alot of people would only come for him and not the actual movie. I'm sure he was great in Hairspray (my little sis loved it, I never saw, afraid it would ruin my love of the original) but right now he has teen idol status and that's all it is. Some teenage heart throb that has girls ranging from ages 7-17(probably older too) obsessing over him. Idk maybe I'm being too harsh but I can honestly say that if Zac is cast as Edward I won't see the movie - not because I hate Zac but because it would completely ruin my image of Edward and it's not just who portray's him, any of the characters really and if Bella ends up being some Hollywood washup like Linsay Lohan, or omg if its Hilary Duff I'll die and boycott the movie ugh. Back to Zac though I can't see him doing this though, his thing seems to be musicals, HSM, HSM2, Hairspray, and Footloose (how he can possible replace Kevin Bacon, I have no idea.).


he's too preppy, he just wouldn't work, plus, he doesn't have "THE EDWARD CULLEN LOOK"


Sorry to all the Zac Efron fans, but he just doesn't have that Edward Cullen thing about him.

To me, this is like saying Emma Roberts should be cast as
Bella. *shudder*

Also, the movie probably wouldn't start production for a few years. Would all these "hot" teen celebrities still be as popular?



I know that this is too late to win anything, but I'd like to see Emma Watson as Bella. I'm not sure about Edward...maybe Jesse Metcalfe???


Horrible crime against literature! He looks to jockey and stuck up, and I just don't like him. I don't believe he could play the part well, but thats just my opinion.

Brenda Ramos

I don't think that Zac will be the best Edward. Maybe be could be one of the other boys just NOT Edward.

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