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December 11, 2007


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I was never without a comic in my hand and was allowed to read them at the dinner table. That's how I acquired a very large vocabulary really young. Any dirty books I could steal from my parents' shelves.

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Being fat-soluble, vitamin A is stored to a variable degree in the body, making it more likely to cause toxicity when taken in excess amounts.

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Paella always make me think of speey gonzalez for some reason!!! Andale andale ariba!! This looks gorgeous, remember having it in Barcelona and loving it! I'm so glad you tried it out. I was thinking about this recipe just the other day, I have to do it again soon.
I made this yesterday and it was yum! Thank you.


haha � the one who is posting the comments :D

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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

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I woke up this morning and the first thing I normally do in the morning is look for newer information for my knowledge, but the article that I read today which was written by you just blew me off. I cannot believe anything ever can happen. I too agree with your conclusion and more and more furor should be raised on such topics.

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You have talked about issued that are debatable in a very subtle manner and informative way…good. How did you manage to do this is a big question. You have inspired me to work harder now.


yah! Indeed it's a great effort ,though I am a kid in blogging ,it gave immense not only pleasure but also lot of zeal to continue blogging...Thanks for ever

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Hi! really wonderful blog. I am Great lover of comic books.Thanks for your posts.Keep it up!


Interesting, All bands that any real fan tends to have already heard all the stories and anecdotes about anyway - some less well-known or just downright obvious inclusions would have been nice.

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yah! Indeed it's a great effort ,though I am a kid in blogging ,it gave immense not only pleasure but also lot of zeal to continue blogging

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that's my bible! a must have.

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WOW nice book, on my way to the book store

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nice article!


totaly good book!


great book! thank you!

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can you recommend me about a book on Rock?

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