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January 27, 2008



Hope your contest goes well!


Something to read for spring break.

The Story Siren

Thanks for the great contest!!!

The Compulsive Reader

Wow, cool site con contest.

Here's a link to what I posted on my site (scroll to the bottom)!

Thanks a lot for the cool contest!



Great contest :)


Hope you can see my postage. I posted a blog on it. Hopefully some of the readergirlz see it and they'll eneter.


Awesome Contest =)

The Book Muncher

love this contest, thanks for it!


great contest, i mentioned bookburger on my weblog

Nicole B.

Wow, what an awesome contest! Thanks!


Great contest! I posted about it at


Thanks for the contest. I posted about it here:


You hooked me! Here's my post -


Sweet Contest, I added it to my blog


Good luck with the new method, it's a great way to spread the word :D


I posted about it in my blog:

Elaina Watler

I posted about it in my blog on myspace:

And Another Book Read

Great Contest. I mentioned your contest in my blog, so heres the link

Thanks again for hosting such a great contest!!


Great contest, my previous link did not work, so here is another try


nice contest

charlotte padgett

Thanks for the contest. I want to win!

jenny hebert

Plwease pick me

philip halter

great contest

Edward Durbin

I'd love to win for my nieces...

Good Luck to all and please avoid the flu ( unlike myself)....

Belinda Pierce

Checking out your site. Will be back for I am an avid reader.

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